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The Stoughton Area Resource Team, Inc. (START) provides a safety net for those in crisis. Recently, a 30-year old single father of two struggled to find work, to pay for daycare for his children and to secure a home; so much time was spent homeless and hopeless.

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Stoughton Hospital Foundation

900 Ridge St
Stoughton, WI 53589

Phone: 6088732334
Contact Name: Laura Mays
Foundation Executive Director
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Community Health and Wellness Education - 2023 Amount Funded: $5,000.00
The estimated implementation timeline is from November to August 2024. We are planning on increasing classes with a focus on yoga for all ages, senior fitness, balance and more. Grant funds would allow us to able to offer the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging’s Stepping On workshop which focuses on fall prevention and their Physical Activity for Lifelong Success Program (PALS) which helps improve fitness and reduces chronic conditions. Through partnerships, we will be able to increase yoga offerings for people of all ages to help both with improving mental health and reducing chronic conditions. Healthy grilling classes will provide participants with the knowledge to make healthier choices and assist in reducing chronic conditions. Additionally, we are planning a Women’s Wellness event with a notable keynote speaker that will focus on improving mental health or reducing chronic conditions.
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic turned our world upside down, altering many aspects of our lives from working to exercising to seeking medical attention. The nature of the pandemic was absolutely unprecedented. In a matter of months, Stoughton Health ceased many services including community education classes and support groups, and began planning how to navigate an occurrence the world knew so little about. Previously before the shutdown, we offered a wide variety of different classes and support groups. Some of these were able to move over to a virtual setting, but our support groups, safe sitter classes, and various exercise classes were not able to make this move, which caused our programs to suffer and create an increased need today. We are looking to enhance and expand our classes and support groups to help meet the current needs of the Stoughton community. With the expansion of these classes, we are planning to be able to help an additional 70 people in this next year, not to mention the number of people we will be able to continue to help after the funds are completed. Our goals are: 1. Hire and/or find additional instructors for our Safe Sitter, Strong Bodies, and our physical therapist-taught classes in order to expand the number of classes we are able to offer. 2. Have speakers at every support group meeting that specialize in a specific area the group needs to learn more on. 3. Open up our classes to participants who do not currently have the means to attend classes with fees, by providing them with financial assistance.