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Stoughton, WI 53589
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The Stoughton Area Resource Team, Inc. (START) provides a safety net for those in crisis. Recently, a 30-year old single father of two struggled to find work, to pay for daycare for his children and to secure a home; so much time was spent homeless and hopeless.

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Stoughton Resettlement Program

126 Manilla St
Stoughton, WI 53589

Phone: 6086588523
Contact Name: Kay Weeden
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Grants Info
Stoughton Resettlement Program - 2023 Amount Funded: $10,000.00
1. Cover partial to full living costs for certain families (described in the above objective #2) - 5 current, partial (Jan-May) - 2 awaiting travel 2023;(Jan-Dec) - 2 new families in 2024. (Mar-Dec) Funds are dispersed monthly for rent, partial rents, apartment costs, utilities, food, clothing & transportation. 2. Purchase language instructional materials for current and incoming adult students. January, 2024. 3. Strategic Planning Retreat - beg Nov, 2023. Costs for up to 10 volunteers to work with a professional to plan the future of SR. 4. SR has 2 community vehicles for families for appointments, work, general transportation needs. Nov 2023 insurance/registration; addl vehicle Apr 2024; vehicle repair and maintenance 2024. 5. Annual Awareness event (picnic/food/cultural celebration) for the public, highlighting SR work, thanking our community, donors and volunteers for their assistance. Funds for marketing and event costs. (March-August, 2024) 6. Contract licensed caseworker. As SR moves into the next phase, hiring a professional will ensure families needs are met on a consistent basis. The impact of SR cannot be solely gauged by the number of individuals we have directly sponsored. It has become a community supported project. Volunteers have welcomed these families, dedicating countless hours of volunteer time. Families have found local jobs, started businesses, enrolled in SASD and ESL classes, taught and learned how to play instruments, participated in sports programs, worked in community gardens, joined the Syttende Mai parade, and much more, all due to the generosity, support and kindness of the Stoughton community. Our Resettlement Picnic in June celebrated and welcomed our new residents, offering locals the chance to meet them over a shared meal and fun activities. This event was a huge success and we plan to make it an annual community event. The resettled families have expressed disbelief and overwhelming gratitude for the support and acceptance they have received from everyone in the community. We are proud that our new families experience a community with safe neighborhoods, an excellent education for children and adults, and great jobs that offer living wages and benefits. They have come to enjoy meaningful, independent lives, surrounded by people who welcome them with kindness and understanding.
Stoughton Resettlement (SR) exists to help refugee/parolee families successfully resettle in Stoughton, establishing self-sufficiency to rebuild their lives here. Grant funding is vital to the objectives below. Efforts include strategic planning to assist current and accept new families, promoting Stoughton as a community of acceptance, diversity and compassion. The impact of resettling refugees and/or parolees cannot be understated in terms of necessary and very willing community involvement. SR has placed 14 families and 3 individuals (52 people; 2 families await travel(6 people); 2 more families in 2024 (4 adults, 4 children). More than 4000 volunteer hours logged (1000 2023. Objectives: 1. Secure affordable, stable housing. One of the most difficult parts as housing is difficult to find. Volunteers clean, procure, move furniture, establish utilities. Each apartment set up requires more than 70 vol hrs. 2. Fundraising (rent, utilities, groceries, rental insurance, cell phone, internet, transportation) until families secure work permits, stable jobs, and gradually take over payments. ~ 500 vol hrs support grant writing, social media, publications, website, interviews, community functions, account applications, bookkeeping, tax filings and general financial responsibilities. 3. File immigration documentation. First step to ensure status, with online filings and visits to Immigration Office in Milwaukee. Up to 20 vol hrs/family. 4. Apply for work permits, SSNís, driversí licenses, medical insurance/ providers, supplemental assistance, school enrollment. Volunteers assist, transport, meet with SASD, explain WI driving laws, permits and practicing driving. ~ 1400 vol hrs 6. Language learning. Adult English school twice weekly, 3-4 volunteer tutor/class, home visit tutors. 300 vol hrs 7 Stable employment. Assist with resumes, job applications and visits, employer contacts, transportation.150 vol hrs 8. Connect to community resources. Families participate in church, music lessons, community gardens, classes, outings, sports and bi-monthly family gatherings; we organized 2 large info and celebration food events in the last year: The Ukrainian Weekend and the Resettlement Picnic. Each involved our resettlers, volunteers, donors, and public to raise awareness (more than 400 per event) 500 vol hrs 9. Provide contracted caseworker support. Knowledgeable, professional support for services & social/emotional wellbeing beyond what a volunteer