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Stoughton, WI 53589
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The Stoughton Area Resource Team, Inc. (START) provides a safety net for those in crisis. Recently, a 30-year old single father of two struggled to find work, to pay for daycare for his children and to secure a home; so much time was spent homeless and hopeless.

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Stoughton Area School District

320 North St
Stoughton, WI 53589

Phone: 608-877-5554
Contact Name: Julie Incitti
School Social Worker
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Grants Info
District Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) - 2016 Amount Funded: $6,300.00
Our goal is to establish a positive school climate, increase academic performance, improve safety and decrease problem behavior. PBIS is effective because it helps students understand exactly what is expected of them, gives teachers a framework for acknowledgement and consequences, and enables administrators to use data to make decisions about discipline. PBIS has made a difference in improving overall school climate in our district, which is proven through data (reductions in negative behavior referrals and incidents and increased student engagement). This year Tier 2 interventions will continued and improved upon. We hope to train more staff in these techniques, and involve more students in leadership of the program. There will also be a bolstered effort to include families in planning and events, and to communicate the program information to parents/guardians.
The is implementation of PBIS is a district-wide initiative to improve student climate and behavior. Each building has trained staff for Tier 1 universal implementation of the program and Tier 2 selective intervention. This includes developing and educating on a description of expected behaviors throughout various school settings, clear consequences for negative behavior, & 3-5 school wide expectations. Now that these expectations have been set and clearly communicated to students, each building uses a reinforcement system for acknowledging positive behavior. This project will provide each school with age-appropriate incentives for students who meet behavioral expectations. By providing individual, group, and whole-school incentives we hope to draw attention to the positive. We are also now implementing tier 2 interventions, which focus on providing more support to individual students.

At Risk Programming and Support - 2015 Amount Funded: $2,300.00
The idea is to work with students who are habitually truant, using or at risk of using alcohol or other drugs, disengaged from school, or who are unmotivated to learn. This program uses a series of 10 visual metaphors to teach social, emotional, and leadership principles. At this time our school district is in need of additional researched based curricula for students who are in the highest needs group. We hope to increase school success, improve attendance, and increase graduation rates for our students.
We hope to train at least six school staff from our pupil service team in elementary and secondary levels in the "Why Try Program," to be used with students who are not succeeding in school for various reasons. This grant would allow us to train staff through an online training, and to buy an online curriculum with all materials needed to carry out the programming. This program can be used individually with students, or with a student group. After the staff have been trained, we will review individual student data to find students who are not having school success. These students will be able to work through the curriculum with a trained staff, with the hope that they learn skills and also increase their motivation for school. (Info about the program can be found on their website